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Deadline to Register: Monday March 28th, 2022
Registration Fee: $500 per team

Who’s the healthiest company in YYT?
Are you up for a 30-day wellness challenge to find out?


Yip!  You will have access to your personalized mobile platform where your data will be tracked, complete the weekly tasks and engage with other participants. 
You can be active on your own or with your team but please follow all public health guidelines and allow for social distancing.

10 people max per team.  We can accept teams of 8-10 but we want to keep it fair to all participating teams.

Nope! Aim for teams of 10 participants and give your team(s) a name!!  Power by numbers right!!

Absolutely! The focus here is on accessibility and inclusion as we want any staff member to be able to participate.  Our purpose is to help create awareness for a variety of healthy habits including daily movement, water intake, sleep and stress management.  Yes participants will have access to  home workouts with the expectation that they are basic and require minimal to no home equipment nor advanced level of fitness. 

It’s highly recommended you do.  You can use your phone’s default health app for tracking sleep (not ideal but can work), but for things such as steps, it will not be as accurate as a wearable nor you may not always have you phone on your side when moving around/walking.

Only an Apple Watch or a Fitbit can sync with the Challenge App, however you can use your phone’s default health tracking app for things like steps and sleep if you don’t have a fitness watch OR take a screenshot of your habit data as proof of your habit completion.

Hell no!  It’s up to you how much time you devote to this challenge but we are talking about your health here!  Again, just being more active and making better choices throughout the day is a major win here but the daily tasks asked of you will not be consuming your precious time.  Heck, the home workouts are max 20 mins.  
The goal is to be active and making healthy choices both at work and at home. 

You will receive an email with full instructions on how to set up your personalized account, you will use your email as your username.  You account is only visible by you.  A group chat feature will be accessible also where you can communicate with your team and the other challenge teams.  

  • Daily steps (will need to use a step tracker to show proof of daily steps; your goal is to take as many steps as a team collectively; the team with the highest collective step total at the end of the 30 days will garner the most points).  Various fitness wearables will automatically track this inside the Challenge App. Screenshots of other wearables will be accepted also.  This habit will run through the entire duration of the 30 days challenge.
  • Daily water intake (each participant will establish an individual daily water target and will be rewarded 1pt each day they hit/exceed their target; each participant will manually check off this habit on the Challenge App. This habit will be 7 days in length.
  • Nightly sleep (each participant will need to use a sleep tracker to show proof of daily sleep total; each participant will be required to hit a minimum of 7 1/2 hrs sleep and will be rewarded 1pt each day they hit/exceed that target. Fitness wearables can automatically sync a person’s data OR participants can manually enter this into their online account. Screenshots of a wearable will be accepted also.  This habit will be 7 days in length.  
  • Daily 15 (each participant will be required to complete a minimum of 15 mins per day of any type of physical activity; each participant will need to manually check off this habit inside their personal account and be rewarded 1pt each day they hit/exceed that target.  Screenshots of certain wearables will be accepted also.  This habit will be 7 days in length.
Each habit theme will be scored independently and will be ranked based on what position you finish as compared to the other teams. Ex. 1st place team in any of the four challenges gets 15pts, 2nd place team gets 14pts, 3rd place team gets 13pts, etc.  The team who completes the most steps over the entire challenge will be awarded 50pts with 2nd place onward being awarded points in a descending order from 30pts down.
(Number of points to be allocated will be finalized once we have a final number of teams participating).

Yes. A leaderboard will be updated throughout the challenge and be posted in the group chat on the mobile app. 

Yes, our mobile platform is encrypted with highest security features and your health information that you disclose will never be shared. 

Yes all participants/teams will be required to sign and submit and challenge waiver and consent. 
  • Bragging rights!!
  • Cool snazzy award
  • A virtual cooking class via Thyme to Dine Catering


OZ COACHING is excited to launch the 30 DAY HEALTHY HABIT CORPORATE CHALLENGE to ALL businesses within the metro YYT region!

Our mission is to change the course of our province’s health status and we believe that workplaces play an integral part in doing so.

Businesses and organizations provide opportunities in the awareness and promotion of healthy living and wellbeing.

However, international studies report we are moving less than pre-covid times and mental health disorders are on the rise.

Hence the need for this type of challenge!

This Healthy Habit Challenge will emphasize fun, inclusion, holistic health & fitness, cross industry networking, and positive teamwork. And of course, there’s always bragging rights!

Who will claim the title of the healthiest biz in #YYT?